Why Empower

Empower Energy Solutions

Empower Energy: Business As A Source For Good In The World

A Mission Aiming At Quality

Use Business as a Source for Good in the World. We use that simple mission statement as the core for all of our decision making.

how it works

Why Choose Empower Energy Solutions?

In all of our markets we have partnered with some of the best installers, finance partners and tech partners to create the “Best in Each Category” experience for our customers. Having a model that allows us to offer all products from different companies means we can create the most customer centric experience possible.

All-In-One Shop

We’re here for you: from drafting your home’s solar design and securing permits, to installing the panels.

Customer Service

Empower Energy Solutions values its customers and takes care of their needs like a Family. 

Quality Matters

We use Triple Black Tier 1 Panels, which are the very best in the business (with a 25-year warranty!)

Our Planet

Through sustainable energy solutions, we are helping create a world that we can confidently leave to our kids and grandkids.

Our Customers

In a world where money is the cause of so much stress, there are few things more fulfilling than seeing our customers keep more of their hard earned money. We love seeing families use the extra money to pay off bills/debt, to help contribute towards their retirement, or to do more of the things they love (family dinners, date nights, vacations). The best part? It’s the same electricity you are used to… just less expensive… and better for the environment.

Our Community

We create jobs in our local communities & are committed to using Empower as a platform to serve people.

The World

Through our “Empower the World” Promise, we offer one Eye Sight restoring surgery and a contribution towards micro loans for every single customer served!