We Provide a "Turn-Key" Experience for Our Customers

You give us the green light, we’ll take care of the rest.

Step 1


One of our Energy Consultants will answer all of your questions and show you what your system and savings could look like. Simple, Casual, Consultation.

Step 2


We will create the most efficient system design for you based on your usage, roof and sun exposure.

Step 3

Site Survey

We will do a detailed site evaluation of your roof/shading/electrical panel etc. to double check if your house is a good fit for solar.

Step 4

Engineering & Permitting

We will take care of all of the engineering, permitting, paperwork that your city and local utility company require while you go about your life unbothered.

Step 5


We will install your panels in 1 -2 days while you kick back and binge watch your favorite shows.

Step 6


After an inspection, your town and utility company will grant permission to tie into the grid and “Permission to Operate” your system.

Does Your House Qualify For Solar?