See If Solar Is
The Right Fit For You!

Empower Energy Solutions is committed to making the world cleaner and healthier. From development to operation, we create and operate valuable solar and storage projects that benefit communities for decades.

Why Go Solar

Save Money

Solar starts saving your money from the first month of installation!

Save The Planet

Do your part in leaving a better planet for our kids and grandkids!

Save The Planet

Take Control over the source of your Electricity and escape your electric company

Solar Benefits

Bye-Bye Blackouts

Power outages happen. Solar keeps you running, despite the storms.

Increase Home Value

An updated, future-ready home is always attractive to buyers.

The Future is Electric

Working from home? Electric vehicle? Solar keeps you future-ready.

Take Control

Sick of your utility provider? Let's generate your own power.

Interested in how much you'd save going solar?