Five Popular Solar Panel Myths Debunked

As our fossil fuel sources run out, solar panels are the most popular and recognized alternative. 

Considering the current state of the environment, solar panels are a valuable investment people are willing to make to save the environment (and some extra cash!)

This article will guide you on why solar energy resources are gaining popularity and 5 myths about solar panels that have been debunked.

6 Reasons Why Solar Power Is Gaining Popularity

Thanks to the latest advancements in technology, solar panels offer a great way to collect and use energy thanks to their efficiency and durability. Often, extra energy is stored in solar batteries for later use.

Here are 6 reasons why solar panels are gaining popularity:

1. Installation Cost

Initially, installation costs were high because it was rare to use solar power as an energy source. Even electrical companies needed some time to learn about the method so they could integrate it with the grid. Now, going solar is much more attainable as installation costs have decreased.

2. Technological Improvement

Technological development has led to an upward path for solar energy to progress. Thanks to the latest changes and development, new solar panel models provide more energy compared to older models.

3. Battery Storage

The efficiency in energy storage allows users to receive lower electric bills. That’s because most of the energy needed to run both during the day and night can be extracted from the solar panels, which generate energy throughout the day.

4. Third-Party Financing

Initially, there were very few ways to install solar panels considering how expensive they were. The only way was to have enough money to install them. Nowadays, buyers can opt for third-party financing options like low-to-no interest buy now, pay later programs. This way, homeowners can install solar panels and pay for it in installments.   

5. Streamlined Permitting

By allowing users to invest at a lower cost to gain more energy and creating a future with low electricity bills, states have been using these tactics to encourage solar energy usage in society. Every party benefits from this form of motivation.

6. Marketing and Cultural Demand

As the market for solar panel installation increases, the use of effective marketing techniques makes green energy an attractive option for consumers. Additionally, more millennials are opting to get solar panels as a way to reduce their impact on the environment. 

5 Popular Solar Panels Myths Debunked

Here are 5 popular myths that have been debunked:

1. Too Expensive

When solar panels first debuted, many people considered the cost greater than the benefit. At the time, a lack of awareness about the benefits of going solar and poor understanding of how it could help cut down electric bills meant very few people wanted to install panels. 

Now, various brands and homeowners focus on it as an investment that will benefit both the users and the environment. Although it’s not a cheap investment, the benefits of solar panels outweigh the initial cost. 

2. They only work when the sun is out

This assumption comes from the name, as most people believe that energy generation comes to a halt as soon as the sun sets. However, this is false, as solar panel cells are responsive to each other.

That means that even reflections of light can still generate electricity. Sure, not as efficiently as out in the full sun, but it still produces enough that you can store in solar batteries for later use. Not to mention, it’s likely that the solar cells will have extra energy stored, which can be used to power the home at night.

3. Decreases home value

Various surveys show homeowners believe installing solar panels increases the home’s resale value. And it’s true –  homebuyers would prefer to pay more for a home if it has solar panels.

So, if you’re a homeowner with solar panels and are planning to resell your home, you can increase the price to get a better return on your investment!

4. Aren’t efficient enough

Automatically, people assume that if the energy generation level of solar panels isn’t 100%, they need to be more powerful. However, that is false as the energy percentage is studied differently.

It’s often said that energy usage is at 20-22%. While this number may be deceiving, it actually means the energy is working much stronger than standard electricity. According to studies, you need about four hours of direct sunlight to power your home with a solar panel system.

5. Only homeowners can go solar

While homeowners make up a big chunk of the people who invest in solar panels, they’re not the only people who can get it. Many businesses in the market can also invest in solar energy to power their businesses. While it may be a little costly at first, it often pays off well.

Moreover, there are many ways to install solar panels in your house or shop if you don’t own those spaces. There is a solar community program that considers different people’s situations and allows shared use of solar energy to power their buildings.


Solar panels are a great way to generate electricity in your home and allow you to store energy efficiently and lower your electricity bills.